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What Is Written Here Is Not Investment Advice. It has been published on this page to explain the terminology used with explanations about the stock market, digital currencies, economy, finance and investment instruments.

🔍 What is a person who buys and sells in the stock market?

 What is a person who buys and sells in the stock market?

Trading on the stock market is a term used to buy and sell a security on the same day. Those who trade in the stock market are called dealers or brokers. Dealers or brokers are people who try to make a profit by trading on their own behalf or on behalf of others.

There are advantages and disadvantages to trading in the stock market. Its advantages include taking advantage of short-term opportunities in the market, making big profits with small profits and reducing transaction costs. The disadvantages include high risk, stress, requiring discipline and having to adapt quickly to market conditions.

There are some points that those who want to buy and sell in the stock market should pay attention to. These include conducting market analysis, monitoring technical and fundamental indicators, determining trading strategy, using stop loss and take profit orders, controlling emotions and managing capital.

Trading in the stock market is a job that requires knowledge, experience and patience. To be successful, you need to constantly learn and improve yourself. It is also important to comply with stock market rules and tax legislation.


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