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 What Is Shill In The Cryptocurrency World And How To Do It?

The cryptocurrency market has become an area of great interest and excitement in recent years. Many people aim to make a profit by investing in this field or to contribute to new projects. However, the cryptocurrency market also carries many risks and uncertainties. Therefore, investors should be very careful and do their own research when deciding which cryptocurrency or token to invest in.

Sometimes, however, investors may rely on the advice or comments of others rather than doing their own research. In this case, **shill** may also be a factor that can affect investment decisions. So what is shill and how is it done?

Shill is an English word that means to stir up the market with a fake customer. Shill is also used in the world of cryptocurrencies to talk about a cryptocurrency or token in exchange for an interest in any environment, to confuse the market by making an exaggerated promotion. Shillers are people who are influential or popular on social media platforms, forums or blogs. These individuals try to persuade their followers or readers to invest in a particular cryptocurrency or token. Sometimes the shillers may be hired by the team behind the project for money, or they may have invested in the project themselves.

The purpose of shilling is usually to increase the demand in the market and increase the price. Thus, the shilling person or team can then make a profit by selling at a higher price. In this case, the shilling person or team manipulates the market. Shilling can also hide or exaggerate the true value or potential of the project. Therefore, shilling is a behavior that is often seen as unethical and fraudulent.

What should you do to avoid shilling?

To avoid shilling, you should do your own research first. Before investing in a cryptocurrency or token, you should review the project's purpose, vision, team, partners, technology, roadmap, and other key information. You should also evaluate the innovations, advantages and disadvantages that the project offers. You should also question the credibility and impartiality of the person or sources promoting the project. If the person or sources promoting the project are giving exaggerated or incorrect information without considering the basic principles, then they may be shilling.

You should also try to make your investment decisions in line with your own logic and analysis, not because of the influence of others. You have to be rational and patient, without getting caught up in market volatility, FOMO (fear of missing out) or YOLO (you live once). Remember, the cryptocurrency market is always risky and when investing, you should trade with as much money as you can afford to lose.

Shilling is a common phenomenon in the cryptocurrency market. However, shilling can have harmful consequences for both investors and projects. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful and conscious to avoid shilling and to identify shilling projects.


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