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🔍 Stock Exchange Rich List?

 Stock Exchange Rich List?

The stock market rich list is a list that shows the wealth and rankings of the world's and Turkey's richest business people. Forbes magazine publishes this list each year and tracks the number and fortunes of billionaires. So, who is on the stock market rich list? Which countries and sectors stand out? Here's what you need to know about the stock market rich list.

The world's richest stockbroker is the French businessman Bernard Arnault. Arnault is the CEO and owner of luxury goods firm LVMH. With a net worth of $211 billion, Arnault topped the list this year. Following him are Tesla CEO Elon Musk (180 billion dollars), Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (114 billion dollars), Oracle founder Larry Ellison (107 billion dollars), Berkshire Hathaway owner Warren Buffett (105 billion dollars). billion dollars) and Microsoft founder Bill Gates (104 billion dollars).

The country with the most dollar billionaires in the world is the USA. There are 724 billionaires in the USA. It is followed by China with 698 dollar billionaires and India with 177 dollar billionaires. Türkiye, on the other hand, ranks 25th with 26 billionaires.

İbrahim Erdemoğlu is the richest stock market richer in Turkey. Erdemoğlu is the owner of Erdemoğlu Holding, which produces carpets. He is also the majority shareholder of Sasa, which he bought from the Sabancı Group. Thanks to Sasa's sudden increase in value in the stock market, Erdemoğlu's fortune reached $5.3 billion and ranks 421st in the world. He is followed by his brother Ali Erdemoğlu ($4.7 billion), Rönesans Holding's owner Erman Ilıcak (4.4 billion dollars), Yıldız Holding's owner Murat Ülker (4.2 billion dollars), and Doğuş Group's Ferit Şahenk (3.9 billion dollars).

The stock market rich list is an indicator that shows the economic situation and development of the world and Turkey. However, this list may not reflect the real wealth. Because fluctuations in the stock market can cause great changes in wealth. In addition, the names on the stock market rich list are rich only on paper. True wealth cannot be measured by money alone.


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