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🔍 What is BTS100?

 What is BTS100 in the Stock Exchange?

BTS100 in the stock market is a concept introduced in 2021 as a new index of Borsa Istanbul (BIST). BTS100 is an index representing the stocks of the 100 largest companies in Turkey, as well as the BIST 100 index. The aim of the BTS100 index is to highlight companies that contribute to Turkey's economic growth and offer attractive opportunities to investors.

In calculating the BTS100 index, criteria such as the market value of companies, transaction volume, capital structure, profitability, growth potential are taken into account. The BTS100 index is updated quarterly. The list of companies included in the BTS100 index is published on the official website of BIST.

Investors who want to invest in the BTS100 index can choose one of two methods. The first method is to individually purchase the stocks of companies included in the BTS100 index. In this method, investors can create their own portfolios and trade whenever they want. However, the disadvantage of this method can be high commission and transaction costs.

The second method is to join the exchange traded funds (ETF) or individual pension funds (BES) that follow the BTS100 index. In this method, investors have a portfolio distributed proportionally to the BTS100 index. The advantage of this method is low commission and transaction costs and tax advantages.

The BTS100 index is an indicator that shows the performance of Turkey's largest and most successful companies. Investors who want to invest in the BTS100 index can choose an appropriate method according to their risk and return expectations. By investing in the BTS100 index, they can contribute to Turkey's economic development and earn profits in the long run.


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