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🔍 Transaction ID

 What is Transaction ID?

It refers to the unique set of codes created when cryptocurrency transfers occur, allowing transactions to be tracked on blockchain crawlers. This set of codes is different for each transaction made between cryptocurrency wallets and shows the status, amount, sender and receiver addresses, date and time, fee and other details of the transaction.

How to find Transaction ID?

The first thing you need to do to find the Transaction ID is to look at the transaction history of your cryptocurrency wallet. You will see a Transaction ID or TXID link next to each transfer you make or receive here. When you click on this link, you will be directed to the transaction's page in the blockchain explorer. Here you can copy the Transaction ID or get more information.

Why is Transaction ID important?

Transaction ID is an essential element for the security and transparency of cryptocurrency transfers. Thanks to Transaction ID, you can see in which block the transaction took place, how many confirmations it received, how long it took, and all other details. Also, if you have a problem or your transaction takes longer than expected, you can get help by forwarding the Transaction ID to the support team. Therefore, it is recommended to save or write down the Transaction ID when making cryptocurrency transfers.


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