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🔍Top 10 stocks paying the highest dividends on the Japanese stock exchange

 Here are the top 10 dividend-paying stocks on the Japanese stock market.

- Japan Tobacco (JT): Dividend Yield 6.2%. Companies that manufacture and sell tobacco products and drugs.

- KDDI (9433): Dividend Yield 3.8%. A company that provides communications services such as mobile phones and the Internet.

- Tokyo Gas (9531): 3.7% dividend yield. A company that develops energy-related businesses such as city gas and electric power.

- Mitsubishi Corporation (8058): 3.6% dividend yield. As a general trading company, we operate in fields such as energy, metals, machinery, chemistry and food.

- Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (8725): dividend yield 3.5%. Companies that offer insurance services such as property and casualty insurance and life insurance.

- SoftBank Group (9984): 3.4% dividend yield. A company that develops technology-related businesses such as the Internet, communications, and artificial intelligence.

- Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (8306): 3.4% dividend yield. Companies that provide financial services such as banking, securities and trusts.

- Japan Post (6178): Dividend Yield 3.2%. Companies that provide services such as postal, logistics and finance.

- Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (9501): 3.1% dividend yield. Companies engaged in businesses such as power generation, transmission and distribution, and retail.

- NTT DoCoMo (9437): dividend yield 3.0%. A company that provides communications services such as mobile phones and the Internet.


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