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🔍Deficits and debts economics lecture summary

In this article, we will summarize the subject of deficits and liabilities for an economics course. Deficits and debts are important indicators of a country's public finances. Deficits occur when a country's revenues are less than its expenses. Debts, on the other hand, are loans taken by a country to cover its deficits.

Causes and consequences of deficits

Reasons for the deficits include:

- Increase public spending to stimulate economic growth

- Decrease in tax revenues or widespread tax evasion

- Increase in social security and health expenditures

- Increase in defense and security spending

- Providing emergency assistance in natural disaster or crisis situations

The consequences of the deficits are:

- Increasing debt stock and interest burden

- Deterioration of budget discipline and loss of confidence

- Rising inflation and exchange rate pressure

- Decrease in investment and savings rates

- Increasing dependence on external financing

Types and management of debts

Types of debts can be classified as:

- Domestic debt: A country's debt to its own citizens or institutions. It is usually issued in the form of government bonds or treasury bills.

- Foreign debt: It is the debt given by a country to foreign countries, organizations or individuals. Usually paid in foreign currency.

- Public debt: It is the total debt of a country's central government, local government and social security institutions.

- Private debt: It is the debt of a country's private sector entities or households.

Debt management is for the following purposes:

- Maintaining the debt stock at a sustainable level

- Having a suitable structure in terms of maturity, interest and currency of the debt

- Using debt to support economic growth and stability

- Reporting the debt in a transparent and accountable manner


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