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🔍 Tor

 Tor stands for The Onion Router project, which allows anonymous communication by hiding the user's location and data information. Tor hides a user's identity and online activities by encrypting internet traffic and routing it between volunteer servers in different parts of the world. In this way, Tor users can be protected from internet censorship, tracking and blocking.

To understand how Tor works, it is necessary to know how the internet works. Normally, when you connect to a website, your internet service provider (ISP) receives this request and directs you to the target site. In this process, your ISP can see which site you visited, how long you stayed, and what data you downloaded. Also, the target site can see your IP address, location and other browser information. This can compromise your online privacy and security.

Tor, on the other hand, does this in a different way. When you connect to the Tor network, the Tor software chooses a Tor login node closest to you. This node knows your IP address, but not which site you want to access. Next, the Tor software connects to a randomly selected Tor middle node. This node does not know your IP address or destination site. Finally, Tor software connects to a Tor exit node. This node knows which site you want to access, but does not know your IP address. In this way, the Tor network protects you by encrypting and routing your identity and data in a layered fashion as it delivers you to the target site.

What are the advantages of Tor? Tor's biggest advantage is online privacy and anonymity. When you access the internet using Tor, your ISP or government cannot see which sites you visit or what you do. Also, target sites cannot see your real IP address or location. This protects you from malicious individuals or institutions trying to monitor, advertise or attack you. Tor also allows you to circumvent internet censorship. You can access sites that are blocked in some countries or regions through Tor. For example, if you live in a country where access to Wikipedia is blocked, you can access this site using Tor.

What are the disadvantages of Tor? Tor's biggest drawback is slowing internet speed. Because the data on the Tor network is transferred encrypted and routed between many nodes, it can be slower than the regular internet. This may delay the opening of some sites or the loading of videos. Also, Tor exit nodes can be unreliable. While exit nodes transmit your data unencrypted to the target site, they can save or modify this data. This can endanger your privacy or security. That's why it's important not to share sensitive data or use an extra encryption method like HTTPS when using Tor.

Who uses Tor? Tor can be used by anyone who wants online privacy and anonymity. For example, journalists, activists, dissidents, researchers, lawyers, businessmen or ordinary citizens can use Tor. Tor can also be used by people who want to access hidden or banned sites. For example, sites that offer services such as the black market, drugs, weapons, forged documents, or hired killers operate through the Tor network. To access these sites, it is necessary to use a special browser such as Tor Browser. However, it is important to remember that these sites are illegal and can be dangerous.

In conclusion, Tor is a technology that allows internet users to achieve online privacy and anonymity. Tor hides the user's identity and data by encrypting and routing internet traffic in a layered manner. In this way, Tor users can be protected from internet censorship, tracking and blocking. However, Tor also has some disadvantages. Tor can slow down internet speed and exit nodes may be unreliable. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful and take extra security measures when using Tor.


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