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🔍 Vires in Numeris

 What is Vires in Numeris?

Vires in Numeris is a Latin phrase meaning "Power in Numbers". This phrase is used as the motto of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralized, encrypted and distributed digital currency. The idea behind Bitcoin is to create a currency that is numerically limited and generated according to mathematical rules. In this way, the money supply can be controlled, protected from manipulations and transferred securely.

Vires in Numeris is a slogan that highlights the key features of Bitcoin. Strength in numbers means relying on math and cryptography. The Bitcoin network is a consensus mechanism created and operated by millions of computers. These computers generate new Bitcoins and verify transactions with an algorithm called proof of work. In this way, the Bitcoin network works and ensures its security without the need for a central authority.

Vires in Numeris is a slogan that also reflects the philosophy of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a project that advocates monetary freedom of people and offers an alternative solution to the problems of the financial system. Bitcoin is a transparent and democratic monetary system where everyone can participate equally and fairly. Bitcoin is a technology that shows its strength in numbers and is a candidate to be the money of the future.


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