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🔍 What is Borsa İstanbul?

 What is Borsa Istanbul?

Borsa İstanbul is Turkey's largest and most important capital markets institution. Borsa İstanbul is a platform where various financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, bills, futures and options contracts, precious metals and foreign exchange are traded. Borsa İstanbul is also known as Turkey's national stock exchange.

The history of Borsa İstanbul dates back to the Dersaadet Tahvilat Exchange, which was established in 1866 during the Ottoman Empire. This stock market was a place where the Ottoman Empire issued bonds to meet its borrowing needs. After the proclamation of the Republic, the Istanbul Stock Exchange and Exchange Exchange was established in 1929. This stock market has become a market where stocks and foreign exchange transactions are made.

In 1985, the Capital Markets Board (CMB) was established to develop and regulate capital markets. CMB is a public institution tasked with overseeing and licensing the activities of the stock exchange. In 1986, it was renamed the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE). In addition to the stock market, the ISE has incorporated new markets such as the bonds and bills market, the repo-reverse repo market, and the futures and options market.

In 2013, the İMKB was renamed Borsa İstanbul. Borsa İstanbul, while maintaining its feature of being the only stock exchange in Turkey, has attained a structure that complies with international standards. Borsa İstanbul also works in cooperation with the world's leading stock exchanges. For example, it signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Nasdaq in 2014. With this agreement, Borsa İstanbul started to benefit from the technology and services of Nasdaq.

Borsa İstanbul's mission is to contribute to Turkey's economic growth, to deepen the capital markets and to offer investors a safe, transparent and efficient market. Borsa İstanbul's vision is to become a regional financial center and become one of the best stock exchanges in the world.


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