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🔍 Replicated Ledger

 Replicated Ledger: Registry Copy

It refers to the current copy of the registries in a network. In this system, registries are classified as master and slave copies. Slave registry is simply a reflection of the master. Master ledgers, on the other hand, keep authorized copies of the blockchain's information.

The idea behind registry copy is to reduce the risks of sharing a single blockchain registry. Registry copies do not have a single point of failure because the source blockchain is mirrored multiple times. Also, when each user adds new transactions to their registry, the changes are propagated throughout the network and distributed to everyone. In this system, no single authority can take control of the network through the registry, because all participants have a real copy of it, with every update they are included in. The data in the registry copies is exactly the same as the information stored in the blocks of the original registry. These data cannot be changed either. The system is also complemented by a consensus protocol. The purpose of this protocol is to make sure that each blockchain copy is similar to the others. Modified copies from previously mirrored registries are rejected.

The registry copy can be used in areas such as payments, stock swapping, trade finance, and wealth management. Distributed ledger technology (DLT), the most common form of blockchain technology, can run on a public or private network. Data management infrastructure is a common barrier to implementing DLT. In some cases, when distributed digital information functions as an accounting journal rather than a ledger, another term is used: RJT (replicated journal technology).


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