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What is Gomining?

What is Gomining?

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Gomining is an infrastructure project for Bitcoin mining. The main aim of the project is to provide simple access to Bitcoin mining to participants with different skill levels, from beginner to expert. Gomining is a professional mining company founded in 2017 by a pool of international investors. As of April 2021, the company has data centers worldwide with over 200 MW of its own power consumption infrastructure. The management of this large-scale infrastructure creates its own ecosystem, which includes a full cycle of competencies necessary to ensure a high level of project implementation in the crypto space.

Gomining has two important products: Gomining token (GMT) and unique NFTs. The Gomining token is the company's utility token. It is considered a means of payment when purchasing NFTs. It makes it possible to pay for NFT maintenance and receive discounts. It can be used to pay for game mechanics. It is accepted as a means of payment for goods in online stores. It can be used as a tool to earn royalties. Gomining token holders can use the staking function and receive rewards for it. Gomining token is issued using smart contracts on Ethereum (ETH) and Binance SmartChain (BSC) blockchain platforms.

Unique NFTs, on the other hand, are images of digital miners that differ from each other in terms of power, energy efficiency and a multitude of external features that owners can choose before purchasing. The key advantage of these NFTs is that each one is powered by the real computing power of our fleet of devices. Just like real miners, our crypto artwork also mines bitcoins. This is the first example of a non-fungible token with such capabilities. All NFTs provided by Gomining are published on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-721 standard.

Gomining is a company whose mission is to make mining simple and accessible to everyone. The technical complexity of mining creates a high barrier to entry for non-professionals and investors. Purchasing equipment, installing a data center, and connecting can take up to a year. Therefore, funds are obtained from many sources. Another difficulty faced by private investors who decide to stop mining is the inability to quickly sell their equipment. In some cases, donating it to a data center is even cheaper than continuing to pay rent for storage and transportation.

It is possible to overcome these problems with Gomining. By purchasing Gomining tokens, you can get real computing power and earn bitcoin income in return. Additionally, through NFTs, you can personalize your digital miners, participate in games, earn royalties, and expand your crypto art collection. Gomining is an innovative and environmentally friendly project that brings a new breath to the cryptocurrency world.

How to get Gomining token?

To get Gomining tokens, you must first have an ETH or BSC wallet and also a BTC wallet. After registering on the GoMining website, both wallets will be automatically linked to the user's personal account. This is necessary to determine the correct calculation of the amount of the owner's BTC income.

To purchase Gomining token, the largest exchanges currently trading are MEXC, LBank and Trading pairs consist of stablecoins and fiat currencies, as well as between GMT and other cryptocurrencies. You can easily purchase GMT tokens after depositing fiat or stablecoin to the exchange.

What is the future of Gomining token?

The future of the Gomining token is closely related to the future of Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is the cornerstone of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It secures the Bitcoin network, creates new bitcoins and verifies transactions. The computing power required to mine Bitcoin is constantly increasing. This requires mining equipment to be more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Gomining stands out as a project that meets this need. Gomining is constantly developing and renewing its data centres. Additionally, it aims to reduce its carbon footprint by utilizing renewable energy sources. By taking advantage of this infrastructure, Gomining token holders can both generate bitcoin income and expand their NFT collection.

The future of the Gomining token is also shaped by the company's vision and strategy. Gomining follows the developments in the cryptocurrency industry closely and offers new opportunities to its users. For example, Gomining has recently ventured into NFT gaming. Thanks to these games, users can both have fun and earn money. Gomining also plans to launch its own NFT marketplace.

Although it is difficult to make an exact prediction about the future of Gomining token , is a project with high potential. The Gomining token both offers value based on real computing power and manifests itself in the crypto art space through NFTs. Gomining token provides its investors with both passive income and active participation.

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